Jerry Seinfeld's Pop-tart Promo.

Pop-Tarts & Jerry Seinfeld Team Up For “Unfrosted” Ad

Despite the fact that Pop-Tarts and Kellogg’s were not initially directly involved in Jerry Seinfeld’s new film, Unfrosted, that doesn’t mean that they’re upset by it. In fact, they’re having some great bit of fun with it, as you can see in a newly released promo.

Jerry Seinfeld's funny Pop-Tart promo for "Unfrosted."

In the promo, Seinfeld is summoned to the Pop-Tarts headquarters to meet with the company’s President. “It is our understanding that you neither sought nor received permission to use our product in your movie,” Seinfeld is told. It is then revealed that the company has taken something of Seinfeld’s, revealing three characters from his NBC series behind glass, including The Soup Nazi. They take things a step further, by showing a clip from their new show, People in Pontiacs Eating Pop-Tarts and then the President onstage doing stand-up.

Our favorite moment though is when Seinfeld is asked, “How does it feel when other people steal your ideas and do whatever they want with them?” To which Seinfeld replies, “Like Friends?”

It is nice to see the breakfast pastry company is in on the joke. Unfrosted debuts May 3rd on Netflix.

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