Matt Rife, Will Forte, and Kevin Smith in "That '90s Show"

Matt Rife, Will Forte and Kevin Smith Among Guest Stars in Part 2 of “That '90s Show”

Courtesy of Netflix and Kevin Smith.

Netflix has announced that it is set to release Parts 2 and 3 of the nostalgic comedy series, That '90s Show on June 27th and October 24th consecutively on Netflix. The new season announcement was made during this year’s That ‘90s Show Clash of the Casts Event in the midst of Netflix is a Joke Fest.

That '90s Show follows Leia Forman who is living in her grandparents’ basement for the summer of 1995. Leia and her friends get into loads of mischief that resembles that of the original series, “That 70’s Show,” all trying to evade Red and Kitty’s, her grandparents’, attention. Part 2 is set in 1996 where Leia is back for another summer at Point Place. Her and Jay stayed together after last season through nine months of long distance but she almost kissed Nate and Jay has no clue. Nate’s girlfriend, Nikki, is also not in the know. Eventually the truth gets out, threatening their relationships and potentially ruining Leia’s idyllic summer.

The main cast this season includes Kurtwood Smith, Debra Jo Rupp, Callie Haverda, Ashley Aufderheide, Mace Coronel, Maxwell Acee Donovan, Reyn Doi, and Sam Morelos.

In addition to the show’s return announcement & first trailer, we now have a look at the list of guest stars appearing this season. Among them are comedians Matt Rife, Will Forte and Kevin Smith.

Matt Rife has been reaching beyond stand-up and into sitcoms. While the leap may seem big, Rife will still be able to feed off the live audience. The comedian recently extended his partnership with Netflix to produce two new comedy specials, his specialty, and a gym bro sitcom, evidence of his interest in exploring television. Rife is best known for his comedy specials “Only Fans,” “Walking Red Flag” and his 2023 Netflix special “Natural Selection.” Before his specials aired he had recurring roles on the sketch improv comedy and rap show “Wild 'n Out.”

Will Forte has been a staple to the comedy world for decades. He began his career at The Groundlings which led to his acting in Saturday Night Live where he starred for eight seasons. Forte then went on to star in the hit sitcom “Last Man on Earth” and the “MacGruber” films based on a character that debuted on SNL.

The religiously backwards-capped Kevin Smith first broke out in his 1994 low-budget comedy buddy film “Clerks” in which he wore many hats. Smith, a jack of all trades, directed, wrote, co-produced and acted in as the character Silent Bob, the better half of the comedy duo featured in the film. He went on to create numerous films in which these characters reappeared.

Seeing such storied comedians grace the set of “That '90s Show,” one who grew up in the 90’s, one who was a key player in the late '90s improv scene and one who was a staple to turn of the century comedy, makes the show all the more personal to these comedians as they travel back to those eras of their lives.

Other guest stars set to appear this season include Don Stark, Laura Prepon and Andrea Anders returning to reprise their respective roles with appearances from Seth Green, Lisa Loeb, Carmen Electra, Wayne Knight, Tommy Chong, Jason Mewes and Kadeem Hardison.

When does "That '90s Show" return to Netflix?

That '90s Show returns for Part 2 on June 27th & Part 3 October 24th on Netflix.

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