Matt Rife: Natural Selection.

Matt Rife To Extend Netflix Partnership With Two New Specials & Comedy Series Development

After the very popular success of his latest special on Netflix, Natural Selection, stand-up comedian Matt Rife will be expanding his arsenal & extending his partnership with Netflix.

Matt Rife's new specials & comedy series with Netflix.

As first reported by Deadline, Rife has signed a two special deal with the mega streamer to release his next two comedy specials on Netflix. The first of the two stand-up specials is set to be released later this year will be Netflix's first ever full-length crowd work special, which will be shot at The Comedy Zone in Charlotte, NC May 21st-23rd (it's no surprise that all the shows for this taping are sold out according to Rife's website). Rife will also re-team with Erik Griffin to direct the new crowd-work hour (who also directed Natural Selection).

Additionally, Rife will be developing a new gym/workplace comedy series that he'll star & write in. Rife spoke about his excitement for expanding into acting sharing with Deadline, “I love acting just as much, if not more than standup. I just haven’t been doing it as long and I haven’t been able to get my foot in the door as well as I have been with stand-up,” he said. “But now that I have the freedom in success via stand-up, it opens up avenues in other areas that I am passionate about, like film and television, that I’m hoping I can make that transition over to, because it can only feed itself.”

Before taping the new hour, Rife will be in Los Angeles headlining the Hollywood Bowl as part of Netflix Is A Joke Fest on May 8th. He'll then continue his nearly sold out ProbleMATTic World Tour the rest of this year, which he's sold over 600,000 tickets for in the first 48 hours of the tour's first announcement.

Rife is also currently teaming up with 800 Pound Gorilla this month as part of Worldwide Comedy Month to debut his workplace comedy series with Juhahn Jones, Burb Patrol, premiering this Sunday night at 7 PM on the 800 Pound Gorilla YouTube channel. His second special, Matthew Steven Rife, will also be debuting with 800 Pound Gorilla for purchase & streaming on YouTube next Thursday, April 11th.

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