The Dust Up Podcast.

Al Madrigal & Jay Larson's New Podcast, "The Dust Up," To Premiere With All Things Comedy

The Dust Up Podcast.
Al Madrigal & Jay Larson in The Dust Up Podcast. Courtesy of All Things Comedy.

Comedians & podcasters Al Madrigal & Jay Larson have a message for comedy fans: it's time to "dust up" & "get dusted"! The comics have announced their new podcast from All Things Comedy called The Dust Up with new episodes premiering next week.

What to know about "The Dust Up" podcast.

In the new podcast, the two comedians will take a deep dive into historic fights, feuds, and melees and break them down each week. The show's trailer teases some of these tie ups including Adidas vs. Puma, Biggie vs. Tupac, R2D2 vs. C3PO, and more. Madrigal & Larson joke that they have temper & anger issues whether that's Larson "following people home in a fit of road rage" or Madrigal wanting to "shrimp my daughter's ballet studio" because they wouldn't let him watch their dress rehearsal.

The new show joins the All Things Comedy Podcast Network which is home to so many fellow comedy podcasts in the stand-up comedy space. Current shows include Chad Daniels & Kelsey Cook's Pretend Problems Podcast, Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast, Anthony Jeselnik’s Jeselnik and Rosenthal Vanity Project, Jim Jeffries' I Don't Know About That, Stavros Halkias' Stravy's World, Bobby Lee & Khayla Kuhn's Tigerbelly & more.

How to watch & listen to "The Dust Up" podcast.

New episodes of The Dust Up podcast premiere every Wednesday beginning February 28th, 2024 and will be available on YouTube & everywhere else you listen to comedy podcasts. Check out the show's first trailer below!

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