Lamorne Morris & Jake Johnson on The Lamorning After Podcast.

Lamorne Morris Launches New Podcast "The Lamorning After," Taps Jake Johnson As First Guest

Lamorne Morris & Jake Johnson on The Lamorning After Podcast.
Lamorne Morris & Jake Johnson on The Lamorning After Podcast.

Fans of the beloved comedy series New Girl and the Gareth Reynolds & Jake Johnson co-hosted podcast We're Here To Help have a new project to be excited about.

Actor & comedian Lamorne Morris, known by many as Winston Bishop on New Girl, has started a brand new comedy podcast called The Lamorning After with co-host, Kyle Shevrin, a fellow comedian, writer & director.

What to know about "The Lamorning After" podcast.

The premise of the show finds Morris & Shevrin, who both admit that they're experts at nothing but pretend that they are, talking with each other & a rotating cast of celebrity guests including Navy SEALS, chefs, actors, athletes and more about life, relationships and most importantly: what they did last night. Hence the pun in the name of the show, The (La)morning After.

The first episode premiered this week and certainly starts off with a bang by tapping Nick from New Girl, Jake Johnson, as the show's first guest. The premiere episode finds Johnson talking to Morris & Shevrin about the early seasons of New Girl, his directorial debut Self Reliance, and who Jake would eat first if they were all stranded on a desert island.

Before launching this new show, Morris also appeared as a guest on the We're Here To Help podcast, so it's no surprise that Johnson would do Morris a solid by kicking off his new podcast as the show's first guest. Here's to hoping we get to see some more New Girl alum like Max Greenfield & Zooey Deschanel on upcoming episodes.

How to watch & listen to "The Lamorning After" podcast.

New episodes drop every Wednesday on The Lamorning After YouTube channel & everywhere else you listen to podcasts. Subscribe and check out the first episode below!

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