Fern Brady: Autistic Bikini Queen on Netflix.

This Week In Comedy: Fern Brady Lands Her First Netflix Special With "Autistic Bikini Queen"

This Week In Comedy: Fern Brady makes her grand Netflix debut with her latest special, Autistic Bikini Queen, premiering today with the streamer. In her new special, the irreverent comedian tackles big themes like death, decline and the disappointments of middle age. Autistic Bikini Queen follows her 2021 stand-up special, Power & Chaos, which debuted on BBC One and is available to watch for free on YouTube (the audio album from that special is also available here on 800 Pound Gorilla).

Comedy Dynamics has two new specials premiering this week with Sarah Hester Ross' Don't Mess With A Redhead & Kate Willett's Loopholes. On YouTube, everyone's favorite Dr. Phil impressionist & host of Dr. Phil Live Adam Ray is releasing a new crowd work special on his YouTube channel this Friday, Bigfoot & Cigarettes. And finally, 800 Pound Gorilla is continuing its month-long Worldwide Comedy Month celebration & is ecstatic to be releasing Nick Offerman's special, American Ham, available to watch exclusively on our website.



  • Stand-Up: Sarah Hester Ross: Don’t Mess With A Redhead releases via Comedy Dynamics
  • Stand-Up: Kate Willett: Loopholes releases via Comedy Dynamics
  • Television: Wanda Sykes & Gabriel Iglesias on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  • Television: Drew Carey, Thomas Lennon & "Weird Al" Yankovic on After Midnight With Taylor Tomlinson


  • Television: Carol Burnett on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  • Television: Lisa Ann Walter & Michaela Watkins on After Midnight with Taylor Tomlinson
  • Television: The Big Door Prize returns for season two on Apple TV+


  • Stand-Up: Nick Offerman: American Ham releases exclusively on 800 Pound Gorilla
  • Stand-Up: Adam Ray: Bigfoot & Cigarettes (A Crowd Work Special) premieres on YouTube at 4 CM CT
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