Mark Hoppus, Brooks Wheelan, Tim Robinson & Zach Kanin.

Tim Robinson Brings “I Think You Should Leave” To Netflix Is A Joke Fest

Netflix Is A Joke Festival was full of special moments you just had to be there for. No matter what you were interested in, you were guaranteed to find something up your alley. One of the many events that we knew we had to go to was Tim Robinson’s show at the Greek Theater.

While Eric Andre is touring the live version of his Adult Swim show, Robinson’s tour has been more of an inside look at what you don’t get to see on I Think You Should Leave. Robinson and his co-creator Zack Kanin took to the stage for a memorable night of never before seen sketches and laughs. Even if you saw his show on tour in any other city, it was all the more special this night.

This show is proof of why Tim Robinson's show is so important.

The show’s opener was Brooks Wheelan, who also served as the moderator for the event. After Brooks’ 10 minute set, they showed a quick sketch that never made it on the air. From there, Robinson and Kanin came out. They talked about the conceit of the show and even brought out their tour mascot, Touri, as well as the show’s musical director, Whitmer Thomas.

From there, it was a revolving door of special guests. Some of these guests included Sam Richardson, Patti Harrison, an improv hopeful named Bruce Buckles, Mark Hoppus, Vanessa Bayer, Santa Claus, and more! Each person was asked to share their memories on some of the rare sketches that we saw.

These sketches ranged from a guy who wrongly accused someone of stealing his wallet to an argument about dinosaurs to a diner commercial to an extended cut of Fred Willard playing the piano at a funeral. The show’s big finale was Robinson leading his guests and the audience in song. Of course, that song was Friday Night.

This show served as perfect proof of why Robinson’s show is so important. As much comedy as we saw over the festival, even the stuff that got cut from the Netflix hit show stood out in the crowd. That’s saying something!

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