Craig Robinson.

Craig Robinson & His Band, The Nasty Delicious, Play Netflix Is A Joke Fest

When you walk into the Troubadour, the first thing you can’t help but think of is how iconic this venue truly is. This venue has a storied history, as it’s the very place where Elton John played his first U.S. gig, and is also the place where Lenny Bruce was once arrested for calling someone a “schmuck.” Thousands of performers have passed through the doors over the years, and you get a real sense of that history when you walk through the doors.

This particular night at the Troubadour, we saw Craig Robinson jamming with his band, The Nasty Delicious. This is part of the Netflix Is A Joke Festival. Robinson is known for his acting roles in comedies, but he’s also an accomplished live performer. Instead of being a straight stand-up, Robinson uses the stage to show off his skills behind the keyboard. Of course, he can’t help but make things funny.

Craig Robinson brings music & comedy together at Netflix Is A Joke Fest.

After a few openers, Robinson walks out onstage dressed in a robe that on the back reads “Tha Man.” He takes the robe off to reveal a sleeveless leather suit underneath. “I’m sure you’re all thinking, ‘Craig is a gay cowboy,’” he tells the crowd at the start of his set.

His set was a raucous two hours of music with comedy mixed in. Basked up by a really talented band, Robinson encouraged the entire crowd to get into the fun and sing along as much as possible. He even brought out another singer, who took the crowd through some great standards, including an amazing rendition of I’m Every Woman.

Robinson also managed to work into the set some comedy, including stories about seeing Jimmy Smith's penis at a urinal at LAX and what it’s like to be an overweight actor. He even managed to set Will Smith’s “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth” to song, which was met with a great reaction from the crowd.

The evening felt like a chill jam session with some great musicians. Being in such an intimate space really made the night feel all the more special. It may not be straight up comedy, but if you go, you’ll wind up enjoying yourself nonetheless!

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