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Wanda Sykes Returns To The Dolby Theatre For The First Time Since The 2022 Oscars

“I bet you don’t remember I was here that night.”

That’s what Wanda Sykes told the crowd as she returned to the stage of the Dolby Theater on Thursday night. She’s in town as part of Netflix Is A Joke Fest, which is taking over Los Angeles through next Sunday. The lineup is stacked with impressive names, including Sykes.

The night in particular that she’s referring to is the 2022 Oscars, better known as the night that Chris Rock got slapped by Will Smith. Sykes was the host of the Oscars - alongside Amy Schumer and Regina Hall - and it is so ingrained in everyone’s memory that she didn’t even have to further explain, which she didn’t. Instead, she just let that fact simmered in everyone’s minds while moving into her act.

Wanda Sykes' "Please And Thank You Tour" was a tour de force.

Her show at the Dolby was part of her current stand-up tour, titled the Please & Thank You Tour. There was definitely a fun vibe going on in the room before she ever walked onstage, down to the music choices. Her opener was Keith Robinson, a staple of the New York comedy scene. Even after two strokes, Keith proved that his comedic timing was still as intact as ever. Aided by a cane, Robinson talked about how his life had changed, and even had some fun with the crowd. 

Once Sykes walked out, and after reflecting on the 2022 Oscars, she jumped right into her set. In her hour onstage - we’re assuming, as phones were locked up -, she talked about turning 60, married life, her time management, the writers strike, the importance of voting, and why she stopped drinking so much, among countless other topics.

It was a tour de force set from a distinctive voice in comedy. If you’ve only seen Sykes in her specials and haven’t seen her live yet, we definitely recommend it next time she’s in a city near you. There’s a certain energy in the room that can’t be replicated, even in the best stand-up special. Trust us, it’ll be a high-energy and fun evening you’ll definitely remember!

If you want to see a show at the festival, tickets can be found here

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