Amy Schumer & Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

Amy Schumer Fulfills Dream Of Performing Stand-Up With Backup Dancers On "The Tonight Show"

Amy Schumer & Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. Photo credit: Todd Owyoung.
Amy Schumer & Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. Courtesy of NBC. Photo credit: Todd Owyoung.

This week, stand-up comedian & actress Amy Schumer has been making her rounds on her press tour in New York City promoting the second season of her dramedy series with Michael Cera, Life & Beth, premiering on Hulu this Friday. One of those stops was appearing on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon during last night's episode.

Schumer's been a longtime recurring guest on Fallon's show as she even said in the beginning of her interview, "[Did] you know, I was the first female comedian ever on your show? You can't get rid of me."

Although it's been fact checked now, the incomparable Joan Rivers was actually the first female comedian on Fallon's 2014 premiere of The Tonight Show (Schumer was also a guest that same year). Rivers was also one of the earliest female comedians to appear on The Tonight Show as far back as Johnny Carson's iteration in 1965.

Amy Schumer on performing stand-up with backup dancers.

This wasn't just any other Fallon appearance, she performed an impromptu (and short) stand-up act that not many other stand-up comics have attempted: to perform stand-up comedy with backup dancers.

While detailing her current plans as a stand-up following her Golden Globe nominated Netflix comedy special Emergency Contact, she spoke on the difficulty of being a comedian when you're competing with the likes of "Beyoncé & Taylor Swift." The two stars referenced the star power & backup dancers that most stand-up comedians don't have she shared. So Schumer casually pitches her thought on "A standup with backup dancers. Is that too much for a gal to ask for?"

And of course in classic Tonight Show fashion, Fallon hands Schumer a mic and out comes backup dancers ready for Schumer to take the stage.

Accompanied by a funk disco groove, Schumer got to fulfill her dreams courtesy of Fallon where she proceeded to tell her son's favorite knock-knock joke while having backup dancers behind her. Hopefully next time she returns to the show, she can try this out with more jokes and make a tight five set out of this routine.

Watch the full interview below.

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