Whitney Cummings: Mouthy. Courtesy of OnlyFans.

Whitney Cummings Announces 6th Stand-Up Special, “Mouthy”

Whitney Cummings: Mouthy. Courtesy of OnlyFans.
Whitney Cummings: Mouthy. Courtesy of OnlyFans.

Comedian Whitney Cummings is back with a brand new stand-up hour, Mouthy. This time, she’s going to OnlyFans with it.

Whitney Cummings to partner with OnlyFans on her new comedy special.

The move isn’t a surprising one. Cummings partnered with OFTV - the free, safe for work streaming service - for the roasts of both Bert Kreischer and herself. She will now be working with them on releasing a new hour next month. The special was taped at the legendary venue The Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

“For my 6th special I really wanted to experience the same creative freedom that I feel when I perform in live venues and recreate that tension for the audience,” said Whitney Cummings. “Working with OFTV has been the closest experience to a live show that I can remember and they have been so supportive - especially as I made this special while 7 months pregnant! They understand that comedy fans are smart and understand nuance, and I knew they would be the perfect partner to create a special that I would typically only be brave enough to perform in a non-taped show.”

Keily Blair, CEO of OnlyFans, added: “Following the success of The Roast of Bert Kresicher, we knew we had to collaborate with Whitney again. Her creativity as a comedian, and her desire to push boundaries in comedy, embody OnlyFans and OFTV’s aim to provide a space for creators to express themselves freely. This special is another example of our commitment to supporting the comedy community, to showcase their original work and grow their fanbase without unnecessary censorship.”

The special comes out on November 15th. 

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