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Mark Normand Celebrates Four Years Of His Breakthrough Special, "Out To Lunch"

If you've been involved in the New York Comedy scene in any capacity over the past decade, chances are you haven't been able to escape the hilarious & indisputable name that is stand-up comedian Mark Normand. It was around this time four years ago that the comic released his third hour comedy special, Out To Lunch, that has since gone on to accumulate over 19 million views since its debut on YouTube. In honor of it's anniversary today, 800 Pound Gorilla is beyond thrilled to be bringing it over to our YouTube channel to celebrate this exceptional milestone. If you haven't had the privilege of getting to watch this fantastic hour of comedy, now's a great time to get into it.

Mark covers it all in his third hour of comedy: drinking, anxiety, gays, naughty words, trans, race & the ladies. We don’t know if he’s right about any of it but he is completely out to lunch. Shot at the Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles, Out to Lunch is guaranteed to deliver zinger after zinger in such a genius way only Normand can.

He's been dubbed by Jerry Seinfeld as the “best young up and coming comic” and is quickly becoming one of the most talked about touring comedians on the scene. Once you finish watching Out to Lunch, we definitely recommend checking out Normand’s latest one-hour Netflix special, Soup to Nuts, which has been a staple in the streamer's Top Ten since its premiere last summer.

Before releasing these two brilliant specials, he previously had a one-hour and a half hour Comedy Central special and has made an unparalleled seven appearances on Conan, four appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and has also appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Mark can also be seen frequently on The Joe Rogan Experience, where he holds a tremendous spot in the Protect Our Parks super group of guests with Shane Gillis & Ari Shaffir. On top of all of that, he also hosts his own popular comedy podcasts Tuesdays with Stories with Joe List and We Might Be Drunk with Sam Morrill.

Where to watch Mark Normand's "Out to Lunch."

Watch Mark Normand's special, Out To Lunch, on YouTube for free. The comedy album the special is also available for purchase here on 800 Pound Gorilla!

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