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Check Out The Trailer For The Louis C.K. Documentary “Sorry/Not Sorry”

Credit: Angela Lewis for The New York Times

For the past few years, Louis C.K. has been at the center of the debate of when is it okay for someone to come back after there’s been sexual allegations against them? Two and a half years after he announced he was taking some time off post-allegations, C.K. released a stand-up special. He’s since released two more, toured the world, and even won a Grammy.

A new documentary, Sorry/Not Sorry - which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year - is taking a closer look at the impact of this particular comeback, and sets out to answer the question of how much time does one need to take before coming back. The documentary is described as being "ann inside look at Louis CK’s public downfall and surprising return to the spotlight.

Featuring interviews with women who spoke up about his sexual misconduct, New York Times journalists who broke the story, and fellow comedians such as Michael Ian Black, Michael Schur, and Aida Rodriguez.”

When does the Louis C.K. documentary "Sorry/Not Sorry" release?

The documentary premieres in select theaters July 12th.

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