CollegeHumor Goes All In On Streaming, Rebrands Itself As Dropout

After launching their subscription streaming service, Dropout, five years ago, CollegeHumor is officially rebranding itself to mirror the name of its digital platform. Launched in 1999, the company has seen tremendous success recently with shows like “Dimension 20” and “Make Some Noise.”

What happened to CollegeHumor and how did it become Dropout?

Barry Diller’s IAC stopped funding CollegeHumor (now Dropout) in January 2020, which caused the company to layoff 100 employees. In a video released on Monday, CEO Sam Reich discussed this, the struggle to survive ever since, and how fans believed in the company, helping it to sustain itself via Dropout.

Sam Reich on changing CollegeHumor's name to Dropout.

“So to commemorate what is a huge milestone… we’re going to kill it,” Reich says while destroying the brand’s old CollegeHumor logo. Reich continued, “After dropping out of CollegeHumor, dropping out of advertising, dropping out of corporate America, the name Dropout somehow feels more appropriate.”

RIP CollegeHumor. Long live Dropout. The app, which is home to more than seventy-five series, is available for $5.99 a month, or $59.99 annually on most streaming and smart platforms. Check it out here.

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