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Sean McLoughlin Is Working On A New Animated Sitcom "Pleasure Beach" For Disney+

Stop motion animation has been making recent waves in the comedy space this past year. Some of those recent developments include the highly anticipated Chicken Run Sequel set to premiere this December on Netflix & the hit adult animated comedy series The House for Netflix.

And now, the newest addition to the stop motion animated comedy titles is coming to Disney+ courtesy of UK comedian, Sean McLoughlin.

Pleasure Beach is the new adult animated series being created by the comic along with his co-creator and animator Laurie Rowan, with the help of Nexus Studios. The new show is being described as “a surreal workplace comedy with a wicked wit and a bold animated imagination.”

Pleasure Beach on Disney+.
Pleasure Beach. Courtesy of Disney+ & Nexus Studios.

What's the new show "Pleasure Beach" about?

Set in the faded, fictional seaside town of Branbourne, Pleasure Beach is a 12, 22-minute episode series that follows buffoonish pier manager Peter Gregg, as he cooks up fantastical schemes to entice the grandeur and tourists back to the town, with the help of his workshy Gen Z deputy Jean Grover.

Pleasure Beach on Disney+.
Pleasure Beach. Courtesy of Disney+ & Nexus Studios.

What Sean McLoughlin had to say about "Pleasure Beach."

"Pleasure Beach is a majestic and ridiculous workplace sitcom about a passionate middle aged pier manager and his reluctant 25-year old protégé as they attempt to resurrect the fortunes of a forgotten tourist attraction. It's filled with jokes and looks incredible" Sean McLoughlin shared with British Comedy Guide.

When will Pleasure Beach be released?

No word yet on an official release date, but we're certainly looking forward to seeing this fresh new take on adult animated comedy for Disney.

Looking for more comedy from Sean McLoughlin? Stream & download his latest comedy special So Be It & his comedy album Hail Mary on 800 Pound Gorilla.

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