The Office. Courtesy of NBC.

“The Office” Reboot Is Reportedly In The Works

The Office. Courtesy of NBC.
The Office. Courtesy of NBC.

Despite having been off the air for over a decade now, The Office is still one of the most highly-watched shows on streaming. The cult-hit NBC comedy has a loyal following that never quite died down. Now, there’s talks that a reboot is in the works.

What do we know so far about a possible "The Office" reboot?

According to Puck News writers Matthew Belloni and Jonathan Handel, the show’s creator Greg Daniels is slated to bring the show back. The news was broken as part of a bigger piece about what is currently in the works now that the writer’s strike is coming to an end.

Bringing the show back actually seems like a bit of a no-brainer. The show itself was an ensemble comedy that was character based. Even if you couldn’t get all of the show’s stars - namely Steve Carell - to return, the supporting characters all became fan favorites, and we could see them carrying the story as it takes on a new direction.

Are any plans set in stone yet for "The Office" reboot?

What happens with the reboot still remains to be seen. There hasn’t been an official press release or announcement as of yet. Only time will tell whether or not this is a good idea.

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