Mae Martin & Brett Goldstein.

Mae Martin & Brett Goldstein Make Love To One Another At Netflix Is A Joke Festival

Mae Martin and Brett Goldstein are two rising stars in stand-up who have become a lot more prominent within the last few years. Goldstein even managed to achieve mainstream success with his Emmy-winning turn on Ted Lasso. But Martin and Goldstein’s friendship goes way back.

They've known each other for a decade at this point, and were even roommates at one point. When they decided to do a show together for the first time, they jokingly titled it Mae and Brett Make Love to Each Other Live Onstage. A random decision for a title sold out in 20 seconds, Goldstein joked. This show is something they normally do at Largo in Los Angeles, but for this year's Netflix Is A Joke Festival, they brought it to the Avalon Hollywood. While they’ve never actually made love onstage, they both vowed this was the night and they’d finally do it that night.

Mae Martin & Brett Goldstein are at the top of their game at Netflix Is A Joke Fest.

First, some stand-up. They brought out Brian Gallivan, who opens for Goldstein on tour, for a short - but funny - set. Gallivan was followed by Goldstein, who just did his first big American tour. He talked about some of the different vibes from each place - Florida, Denver, and Austin. He also talked about trying to understand American sports, like football, and American bathrooms.

Goldstein then brings out Martin. Before they start their set, Martin mentions that people from the night before told them they needed to add more romance to the show. They agreed to do a scene from The Notebook, where it famously features the characters kissing in the rain. Neither Martin nor Goldstein had seen the movie, so they just made up a scene that they thought would best fit. And yes, there was lots of kissing going on. (Many full-on makeout moments between the two close friends).

Once that was done, it was time for some more stand-up. For their set, Martin talked about being in a relationship, their girlfriend’s daughter, a kid that got attacked by an owl, going to New York at 13 for the first time, and being mistaken for Claire Daines. Then it was the moment of truth. The two took the stage to make love for the first time. Their version of making love was set to Time of My Life, taking off their shirts, and lots of more making out, with confetti falling from the ceiling.

If you’re looking for a really fun time, this is the show for you. It’s a mix of stand-up, set performance pieces, and a little bit of improvisation. You’ll also be seeing two comedians at the top of their game in a memorable setting that you won’t forget.

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