Demetri Martin.

Demetri Martin Signs Two Special Netflix Deal, Announces Next Special “Demetri Deconstructed”

Demetri Martin is coming back to Netflix with some more stand-up specials!

Today, it was announced that the comedian signed an overall two-special deal with the streaming giant. Martin has previously worked Netflix on two specials previously in 2015 (Live (At the Time)) and 2018 (The Overthinker), respectively. So it’s great to see that he’s continuing his relationship with Netflix.

When does "Demetri Martin: Demetri Deconstructed" premiere on Netflix?

The first of these two specials, Demetri Deconstructed, dropped its trailer today and comes out April 2nd. The special teases a more artistic look, as it’s reportedly split up into two parts and it is shot entirely in black and white. There’s no word if that’s how the special was shot or if that was just for the trailer.

The second special is yet to be announced, but we imagine we will learn more within the next year or two.

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