Will Ferrell & Harper Steele in Will & Harper.

Will Ferrell's New Road Trip Doc Spotlights His Friend & SNL Writer's Trans Journey In "Will & Harper"

Will Ferrell & Harper Steele in Will & Harper.
Will Ferrell & Harper Steele in Will & Harper. Courtesy of Sundance & Delirio Films.

It's a busy time for independent filmmakers in Park City, Utah where new films & documentaries are being shopped around for distribution at the annual Sundance Film Festival.

One of the new projects we've learned of from this year's the esteemed indie film fest is a new documentary starring Saturday Night Live alums Will Ferrell & Harper Steele called Will & Harper.

Everything to know about the new "Will & Harper" documentary.

In the new documentary, the pair take a cross-country road trip together following Steele coming out as a trans woman, where they use this trip process this new stage of their relationship in an intimate portrait of friendship, transition, and America.

When both were speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about the new project, Ferrell said “The conception of the whole discussion, for some reason in my head, was a documentary. Of course, I made it clear to Harper, ‘I don’t want to exploit our friendship, but this could, I think, be just a wonderful way for us to explore this topic. Obviously, for me to learn, ask all the questions that I have about what you’re going through and who you are, have you changed?'”

They shared that their roadtrip lasted 17 days, shooting about 16 hours a day. They ended up with over 250 hours of footage and somehow nailed it down to little less than 2 hours.

Josh Greenbaum directs, who previously collaborated with Ferrell on their latest film Strays. The film's being produced under Ferrell's Gloria Sanchez Productions, Wayfarer Studios & Delirio Films.

Will & Harper is currently being screened at Sundance and is awaiting a distributor.

Will Ferrell & Harper Steele's history.

Ferrell & Steele have been best friends for over 30 years and both worked at SNL while getting their start in comedy & Hollywood. They both collaborated on SNL from both of their starts in 1995 up until Ferrell's departure from the show in 2002.

Harper started as a writer & was later promoted to writing supervisor in 2001 & head writer from 2004 to 2008.

Beyond SNL, they've worked together on Netflix's Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020) & Casa De Mi Padre (2012).

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