Fred Armisen on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Watch: Seth Meyers Checks In With Fred Armisen During Holiday Week

Fred Armisen on Late Night With Seth Meyers.
Fred Armisen on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Courtesy of NBC. Photo credit: Todd Bishop.

This past week marked the final week of late night TV shows for 2023 leading up to the Holidays & Christmas season, including Late Night With Seth Meyers.


To mark the special occasion, Seth Meyers welcomed back his friend, drummer, fellow stand-up comedian & 8G bandleader Fred Armisen back to the show after doing some extensive touring & working on his many side projects this year. Needless to say, the Portlandia star & legend Saturday Night Live alum never disappoints when he stops by the show to share the many exciting things he's got cooking (especially if they're already pretty crazy in and of themselves and straight up ridiculous ambitions that hilariously make no sense).


Their back & forth exchanges are a true delight and without further ado, check out what Fred had to share this week in his check in for Christmas & the Holiday season below.

Fred Armisen Talks His Christmas Album About Mummies

Fred shared the latest on his new Christmas album he's releasing very soon: "A Celebration of The Mummy, a character for all seasons" he coins. He then explains his hope with this album is to have "The Mummy included in more Christmassy things."


But when exactly was The Mummy previously celebrated during the Holiday's in the first place? See for yourself in Fred and Seth's exchange above. 

Fred Armisen On His Cookbook Centered Around Sugar Cubes

Fred's been working on a new holiday cookbook to be released this week. Amongst the crowded market place for holiday cookbooks, Seth challenges Fred with the question about how his cookbook will stand out once it's released. His answer? Sugar cubes (its one and only recipe).


Fred's creativity with how he utilizes the cubes is unmatched (no matter how they taste whether by itself or in cube form). Just wait until you hear what the cookbook is actually titled!

Fred Armisen On His Unusual Christmas Tradition

Closing out the week, Fred shared with Seth one of his stand-out family traditions they did during the Holiday season growing up. Instead of opening gifts on Christmas morning, they chose to go to New York City as a family. In the city, they would point at Santa Claus or any random person with their fingers. They would stand there for about a minute and a half.


His visuals demonstrating this are spot on and he makes an interesting case on how this tradition can be "festive," "not rude" and "very sort of Christmassy." Take a watch for yourself and see if you agree!

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