Brian Jordan Alvarez & Sean Patton.

FX Series “English Teacher” Starring Brian Jordan Alvarez & Sean Patton In The Works

Brian Jordan Alvarez & Sean Patton.
Brian Jordan Alvarez & Sean Patton.

FX has picked up the new comedy series, English Teacher.

Details on the new FX series, "English Teacher."

Created by and starring Brian Jordan Alvarez, the show is a comedy that follows a “high school teacher in Austin who’s trying to balance the competing demands of the students and their parents in a world where the rules seem to change every day.”

The show also features a pretty stacked ensemble cast, including comedian Sean Patton, Stephanie Koenig, and Enrico Colantoni

“Brian is an incredibly talented writer, actor and creator who has fully delivered on his vision for ‘English Teacher,’” said Nick Grad, president of FX Entertainment. “Together with a creative team featuring Paul Simms and Jonathan Krisel, along with this brilliant cast, they have created a hilarious, original comedy that is fresh, engaging and fun.”

When does "English Teacher" premiere?

No word on the future of the series yet, but hopefully we’ll hear more sometime in 2024!

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