JB Smoove on The Daily Show

JB Smoove Speaks On The Power Of Stand-Up On “The Daily Show”

Long-time stand-up comedian and star on Curb Your Enthusiasm, JB Smoove , graced the stage of The Daily Show last night. Smoove reflected on stand-up’s ability to filter the harsh realities of the world into a manageable form. Smoove sees it as vital to our survival, “because there's no way in hell you could take the brunt of the real world every day without [that filtration].” Without the light of laughter to shine on the world, it is an all consuming darkness.

Part of the magic of the art of stand-up, Smoove argues, is the comedian's ability to feel all the emotions of the audience. They are empaths. They have to be because the skills needed for successful stand-up are all hinged on their ability to read the room. Comedians are even attuned to the “decibel” of laughter, Smoove observes, and adjust their sets accordingly. Smoove is able to pull back the curtain on all the intricate mechanics of stand-up. Smoove’s admiration and love of the art form simply flows out of him as he speaks. 

JB Smoove on how he uses stand-up comedy as a vehicle for more opportunities.

While JB Smoove is, by nature, a stand-up comedian, this week’s host Micheal Kosta points out that Smoove does not limit himself to that singular media form. Smoove is also known for his stand-out role as Leon Black on Curb Your Enthusiasm as well as his many gigs as a spokesperson for White Claw and Caesars to name a few. Kosta says many stand-up comedians put themselves in a box of “I’m a stand-up comedian” but Smoove views stand-up as a “vehicle” that allows him to pursue many great opportunities. As a prominent commercial presence, Smoove believes that you should like the product you are advertising and not be afraid to say no.

Smoove’s insight on the comedy world proves the power of a good laugh and unveils the intricacies to get one. Stand-up comedy is no easy job and its value to the world is often under appreciated. Smoove is able to rectify that in his interview. By bringing a magnifying glass to the process, Smoove impresses upon all who hear him speak, the reverence called for the art form. Check out the full conversation at the top of this page!

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