Jessica Williams on The Daily Show.

Watch: Jessica Williams Crashes Jon Stewart's Monologue In Surprise "The Daily Show" Appearance

Comedy Central's The Daily Show has been in the middle of an interesting & uncertain era since former host Trevor Noah's departure in late 2022. This past year, we saw a rotating list of talented guest hosts fill Noah's slot from Michelle Wolf, Leslie Jones, & Sarah Silverman among others while the show's been looking for a permanent host. And now in 2024, the unexpected happened where Jon Stewart made a triumphant return to the show to host throughout this year's election cycle & also serve as the show's executive producer.

While giving his usual Monday night monologue as part of his temporary return to the show during this year's presidential election, Stewart was covering the on-going Trump trial when suddenly, he was interrupted, cut off & surprised by former Daily Show correspondent, comedian & actress Jessica Williams.

Jessica Williams nostalgic return to "The Daily Show."

Fans who watched The Daily Show during Stewart's reign in the early 2010's will remember her correspondent appearances she made for over 143 episodes & later continuing her reporting duties into Trevor Noah's hosting reign until 2016 (with an additional cameo in 2018).

"OK, OK, we get it,” she yells while crashing Stewart’s monologue. Freaking out joyfully, Stewart responds “Oh, my God! It's, it's Jessica Williams. Jessica, how are you? Are you down at the courthouse to give us a report?”

“Uh, yeah, I am,” replied Williams. "And here’s my report: Jon Stewart hates fun.”

The two former colleagues had some fun with each other reuniting on screen for the first time in a decade going off script giggling at each other & poking fun at the current political landscape. Williams even went as far to joke about how Stewart ruined the 2012 Daily Show Christmas party (in Stewart's defense, "What's not fun about mocktails and tofurkey?" he jokes).

Since leaving The Daily Show, Williams has continued to flex her comedic chops in films like Book Smart & The Incredible Jessica James. She's also been starring in the Apple TV+ comedy series Shrinking opposite Jason Segel & Harrison Ford.

It's returns like this with the active arsenal of correspondents taking on hosting duties Tuesdays to Thursdays with Stewart in the mix that make this era of The Daily Show great and we can't wait to see what the rest of this season holds with this stellar team in place!

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