Conan O'Brien's return to The Tonight Show.

Watch Conan O’Brien’s Return To “The Tonight Show” As A Guest

Conan O’Brien hasn’t been on The Tonight Show since 2010. That’s understandable, as he has a long history with the show. As we all remember, he got the job back in 2004, finally took over in 2009, then after 7 months, was pushed out by the network. He has managed to reinvent himself, and even has a new Max series coming out, Conan O’Brien Must Go. So to promote it, he returned to the show he once hosted last night.

Conan O'Brien's heartfelt return to The Tonight Show.

Naturally, O’Brien was greeted with fanfare as he sat on the couch. He was feet away from the New York studio where he hosted Late Night for 16 years, so lots of nostalgia was making its way into the interview. He didn’t focus on the negatives, but instead, talked about the positives of what he remembered about being in the building.

During the interview, O’Brien discussed with host Jimmy Fallon what he’d do about towering over his guests, Fallon’s first interview with O’Brien, O’Brien’s awkward dressing room placement, awkward selfies, and stories about meeting President Obama and Prince. It was fun to see the world’s colliding once again, and O’Brien back on NBC after many years away.

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