Jerrod Carmichael

Jerrod Carmichael To Star In New Comedy Docuseries For HBO

Jerrod Carmichael is going to star in a brand new comedy docuseries for HBO. The title is easy enough to remember. It’s called Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show.

In the trailer for the series, we can see a lot of focus on his relationship with his parents - whom he came out to a few years ago - as well as a lot of focus on his new boyfriend. He also sits down to talk to a man in a black ski mask. Given the mannerisms and the height, that man is almost certainly Carmichael’s frequent collaborator, Bo Burnham.

This is Carmichael’s third venture with HBO. HBO previously released two previous specials of his, including 2022’s Rothaniel. Both specials were directed by Burnham. The reality series, however, is directed by Ari Katcher.

When does "Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show" premiere?

Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show premieres March 29th on HBO.

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