Jo Koy Performing "Live from Brooklyn"

Jo Koy Covers His ‘Zaddy’ Status In His Fifth Netflix Special “Live from Brooklyn”

Long time stand-up comedian Jo Koy is set to release his fifth comedy special with Netflix, Live from Brooklyn, on June 4, 2024. Check out a first look at the anticipated new special in the official trailer above.

In Live from Brooklyn, Koy explains the pains of getting older and becoming a ‘Zaddy.’ Among the numerous conditions he has acquired with age, Koy has become lactose intolerant. Expressing his frustration that he shares with the crowd of the Kings Theatre, Koy exclaims, “all of a sudden milk is poison!”

With aging comes the freedom of “not giving a fuck.” Koy finds everyone too serious. We all want to be surrounded by those who are having a good time. Koy says, “It’s infectious, it’s euphoric. The only way you get it is through laughter. That’s why I tell people, “laugh.” It’s free” After a pause, exhibiting the timing of a seasoned comedian, Koy says, “Not tonight!” The crowd roared at the reminder of the money they paid just to hear his words.

Koy’s long term relationship with Netflix is going to continue with his new special Live From Brooklyn (with another one on the way) which follows his current Netflix portfolio: Live From The LA Forum (2022), Comin’ In Hot (2019), Live From Seattle (2017) and his variety special In His Elements (2020).

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Where to Watch Jo Koy’s "Live From Brooklyn"

You can laugh for the sweet sweet price of a Netflix subscription when Live From Brooklyn is released on Netflix on June 4, 2024!

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