Moody Molavi: Remove Before Flight. Courtesy of DryBar.

'Moody Molavi: Mood Therapy’ - What To Know About His Latest Comedy Album

Moody Molavi: Remove Before Flight.
Moody Molavi: Remove Before Flight. Courtesy of DryBar.

The larger-than-life comic, Moody Molavi, is bringing his new comedy album, Mood Therapy, to 800 Pound Gorilla this week, home to houts of funny comedy specials, albums, and special classic comedy releases. 

Who is Moody Molavi?

From Iran to Tennessee, Molavi is a comic of tremendous energy, keeping the audience on tilt while he tells stories that would be too wild to be true, if they hadn’t happened to Molavi. 


An outsider trying to broker a cultural identity for himself, Molavi grew up stuck between the worlds of saffron and lard, butter and Persian expression. He turned this perspective into comedy thast set him off on a path to greatness, with each wild experience being one more thing for Molavi to share and connect over. When his mother married his father-in-law, he found a new level to his work, and has since been on a trajectory to being a household name. 


His comedy has allowed him to not only connect with audiences, but to help him heal and understand the context in which his comedy was forged.. Molavi has numerous clips of his comedy online. He has performed as part of Stand-Up Nashville & Dry Bar Comedy ahead of the new album.

What’s Moody Molavi's comedy album "Mood Therapy" all about?

Award winning comedian Moody Molavi brings his high-energy and animated story-telling mannerisms to an enthusiastic audience on this 2024 album. He breaks down his incalculable family tree, leaving fans laughing and wanting the night to never end! Born in Iran, but now living in Tennessee, he has had to learn how to dig his way out of a multitude of holes on two continents. Mood Therapy, was captured live at Zanie’s Nashville in winter of 2022.

When will 'Moody Molavi: Mood Therapy’ be released?

Moody Molavi's comedy album, Mood Therapy, is available today on 800 Pound Gorilla & everywhere else you listen to comedy!

Moody Molavi: Mood Therapy. Courtesy of 800 Pound Gorilla.
Moody Molavi: Mood Therapy. Courtesy of 800 Pound Gorilla.
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