Maisy Stella and Aubrey Plaza in "My Old Ass"

Aubrey Plaza & Maisy Stella Are On A Trip In Trailer For Coming Of Age Comedy, “My Old Ass”

Megan Park’s sophomore feature film, My Old Ass, starring Aubrey Plaza & Maisy Stella, premiered at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year to rave reviews (garnering an impressive 92% on Rotten tomatoes since its premiere). And now, the anticipated coming of age comedy has set a September 13th theatrical release date & unveiled a first look with its official trailer.

The new film, My Old Ass, brings you along for a trip with Elliot (Maisy Stella) as she tries mushrooms for the first time on her 18th birthday only to be met with a visit from her future, 39 year-old self (Aubrey Plaza). Stella’s bright and headstrong performance is perfectly matched with Plaza’s sardonic delivery. In this letter to your younger self, Park plays with the ideas of being young and dumb. Is it worth it to make some mistakes? What about when it comes to young love?

Maisy Stella, known for her role as a young actor in the musical TV series, Nashville, and her musical ability in the country duo Lennon & Maisy which she started with her sister Lennon Stella, has returned to the screen for My Old Ass. Aubrey Plaza, while not musically gifted, is plenty gifted in acting. Plaza is best known for her first breakout role as April Ludgate in the smash hit NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. Plaza has also made herself known in the indie film industry, starring in films like Emily the Criminal and Ingrid Goes West, the latter winning the Film Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature Film. These actresses bring their all to the vision of Megan Park’s hilarious coming of age story.

When does “My Old Ass” premiere in theaters?

Join Maisy Stella as young Elliot on a trip to meet and learn from her older self, Aubrey Plaza. My Old Ass is only in theaters September 13th. 

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