Sarah Silverman in Stupid Pet Tricks on TBS.

Sarah Silverman Is Reviving David Letterman’s "Stupid Pet Tricks"

Fans of David Letterman certainly remember Stupid Pet Tricks. From 1982 until 2015, it was a staple of his late night program. Now, the staple is coming back in a brand-new format.

Sarah Silverman tapped to host David Letterman's new iteration of "Stupid Pet Tricks."

Sarah Silverman will host Stupid Pet Tricks, a new show on TBS executive produced by Letterman. The show will feature the pets, and of course celebrities including Reggie Watts, Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm, Howie Mandel, Charlotte McKinney, and more! 

This time around, viewers will be able to submit their own stupid pet tricks. There will be a feature every week that shows user submitted clips.

When does "Stupid Pet Tricks" premiere on TBS?

Stupid Pet Tricks debuts on TBS February 11th. 

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Absolutely love the show but I think monkey was the best. How many other dogs can do CPR? But they were all great can’t wait to see more episodes.

Kelly Dominguez

Auditions? 120 pound, friendly dog that can play ‘Keepy Uppy’!!

Laura Barnum

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