Rachel McAdams & Lil Dicky in Dave. Courtesy of FX.

Lil Dicky Announces Long Awaited 'Dave' Soundtrack, Releases 'Mr. McAdams' Single

Rachel McAdams & Lil Dicky in Dave. Courtesy of FX.
Rachel McAdams & Lil Dicky in Dave. Courtesy of FX.

Dave Burd, better known as the comedian & rapper, Lil Dicky, and star of the hit FX comedy series, Dave, has announced the long awaited soundtrack for the show's first three seasons aptly titled Penith, coming out January 19th. The rapper also released the first single for the album, Mr. McAdams, available today. 

What we know so far about the Dave Soundtrack.

While this new album primarily serves as the soundtrack to the fan favorite comedy series, it also serves as Lil Dicky's first album in eight years (following the 2015 release of Professional Rapper).


Before announcing the album's title & release date, Burd spoke with Variety earlier this summer about what fans can expect from the new soundtrack.


"I realized this year, as I took a step back and looked at all the different music that’s made it into the first three seasons of the show, there’s enough here, a great body of work and a project that I can put out as a soundtrack. I think this is such a better representation of Lil Dicky the musical artist than, honestly, my first album even was. People are always like, ‘when can I get that song?’ I think this will be a cool thing for fans who have watched the show. And for people who have never even seen the show, I think they’ll enjoy listening to this as like a body of music” says Burd.

Catch me up on season three of Dave.

In case you need a refresher on the most recent season of Dave: season three finds Dave "headlining his first-ever tour and looking for love along the way. But as he and the gang crisscross America, they discover firsthand how diverse the cultural landscape of the United States really is – and how often fame puts pressure on love and friendship."


One of the episodes finds the rapper attending the MET Gala, feeling completely out of place & not belonging amongst the crowd fellow celebrity guests. That is until, he steps away to the bathroom and in the hallway has a very stand-out encounter with none other than...Rachel McAdams.


After they connect, the two start to develop a fictional fling that inspires Dave to write the song, Mr. McAdams (watch the official lyric video below).

Click here to pre-save Penith

Has Dave been renewed for season four?

There's been no official word yet on a fourth season renewal of Dave. We wouldn't be surprised to hear an official update soon.


Alongside Dave Burd, the show's tight cast also stars GaTa, Andrew Santino, Taylor Misiak, Christine Ko, & Travis Bennett. Executive producers include Burd, Jeff Schaffer (both are co-creators) & Kevin Hart.

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