Adam Sandler.

Watch: Adam Sandler Accepts The People's Icon Award At The 2024 People’s Choice Awards

Adam Sandler has always felt like a man of the people. While it took a while for critics to come around, Sandler has proven just what a loyal fan base can do. It made him into a major draw at the box office. That’s why it makes sense that Sandler would win the People’s Choice Icon Award.

Last night, Sandler walked up to the stage after being introduced by Jennifer Anniston. He admitted that he misheard his agent when he found out about the award. The speech he wrote was for People’s Sexiest Man Alive, so he just read that speech instead.

Adam Sandler on being the People's Choice Icon.

He said, “To the PEOPLE Magazine’s academy members of hotness and sexual attractiveness I would like to say thank you for recognizing me as the man who made our entire country the horniest this year and was by far the most-talked-about person in the bedroom by couples or throuples during fantasy role plays and sloppy time.“

“I am trying to be gracious, PEOPLE Magazine, but I have to admit three words keep popping into my head right now: ‘It's about freaking time!’ ” he continued. “For decades, Adam Sandler has been waiting patiently on the sexy bench.”

It was a perfect - and hilarious - acceptance speech, something Sandler has proven he has a knack for. Ironically enough, one of Sandler’s oldest friends also won an award last night. Chris Rock was awarded Best Comedy Act for his Netflix special, Selective Outrage.

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