Alex Edelman & Maya Rudolph.

Alex Edelman & Maya Rudolph Lead Comedy Names On 2024 Time100 List

This morning, Time Magazine released its annual Time100 list of the most influential people in the world from this past year. Among the names recognized on this year's list are two of the current leading comedy players Alex Edelman & Maya Rudolph.

Alex Edelman on the 2024 Time100 list.

Alex Edelman was honored by his friend and Fleabag actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who spoke high praises over Edelman's brilliant new comedy special on HBO, Just For Us: "Over the past 15 years, I’ve had the privilege of watching Alex Edelman consistently dazzle audiences in basement clubs, backs of taxis, comedy festivals, friends’ kitchens, and iconic London theaters. Alex’s ability to hold people in the palm of his hand is otherworldly. His puppyish charm transports a fierce and brilliant wit, masterfully inviting us to come to his observations with a childlike glee, even if his subject is absolutely terrifying. It was no surprise then that when his tour de force show Just for Us—about racist white nationalists, internet trolling, and antisemitismlanded on Broadway earlier this year, it was lauded as one of the funniest, most human pieces of work in years. He is an unstoppable artist with a unique perspective, who refreshingly asks us to think with him, not like him. He is a loyal friend and very humble, but above all, he is one of the most rare and beautiful things in these wild timesan optimist."

Maya Rudolph on the 2024 Time100 list.

Maya Rudolph was recognized by her friend, fellow SNL alum & comedy power player Amy Poehler for her comedic genius throughout her career including her comedy series on Apple TV+, Loot: "Maya Rudolph is a super talent who is lit from within. A performing polymath, she is able to deliver big laughs and deep emotions at the same time. We all fell in love with her on Saturday Night Live, where her characters were not only funny, they were having fun. Her work constantly reminds us that we shouldn’t be taking ourselves or our lives too seriously."

Poehler continues, "For a comedy genius, she is a giant comedy fan. She is generous with her laughter. She loves being part of a team, but she can make the winning shot if you pass her the ball. And let’s not forget her voice, a special gift given to her by her mother Minnie. This voice can sing lead in a Prince cover band, deliver a ridiculous version of the national anthem, or give shape to animated characters that win Emmys."

"In Apple TV’s Loot, she plays Molly Novak, a billionaire who learns to give back. In life, Maya has already figured that out. She gives to us over and over again. We should count ourselves lucky that we get to live in a world where the hilarious California mama named Maya Rudolph is here to soothe our pain" says Poehler.

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