Andrew Rivers in "Hello, Beautiful"

Andrew Rivers’ New Special “Hello, Beautiful” Laughs In The Face Of Rejection

Andrew Rivers: Hello, Beautiful. Photo credit: Brent James Driscoll.

Andrew Rivers gives the west coast some color as he covers Hollywood nepotism, canceled celebs, and the ever entertaining Kanye West controversies in his newest comedy special, Hello, Beautiful available beginning today. Apart from the outlandish lives of megastars like West, Rivers brings it home with some classic airport rendezvouses and some odd family dynamics in this raucous new special. Rivers is able to let loose his West jokes in Hello, Beautiful thanks to its Seattle taping, Rivers’ hometown, which is far enough from Calabasas to dodge the wrath of the College Dropout rapper.

The long-locked comedian has the incredible ability to look rejection dead in the eye and laugh. Rivers isn’t afraid to promote that he has been rejected from Netflix, The Tonight Show, and NBC. Instead he can’t help but stick his success in their face. Rivers has amassed millions of views on his two free comedy specials. One is on Dry Bar Comedy from 2018 and his latest special, For The Wrong Reasons, can be found on 800 Pound Gorilla’s YouTube channel. Apart from his tapings, Rivers had opened for Christopher Titus regularly and has toured across North America and Europe with Steve Hofstetter .

In true Rivers fashion, the comedian addresses the elephant in the room in the Hello, Beautiful trailer. After a dramatic voiceover and graphics of all the streaming services that rejected him, Rivers tells the audience, “That’s why this is on YouTube.” This bit continues as quotes, some possibly made up but nonetheless hilarious, from other comedians about his work flash across the screen, ending in, “I can’t help you - Bill Burr.”

Where To Watch Andrew Rivers’ New Special, “Hello, Beautiful.”

Hello, Beautiful is available on Rivers' YouTube channel and can be found ad free for purchase on 800 Pound Gorilla. The digital audio album can also be found for purchase here

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