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Stephen Kramer Glickman’s Side-Stitching Comedy Special “Voices In My Head” Has Now Gone Visual

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Voices In My Head has finally broken out of the audio sphere and finally has a face to accompany the voice of Stephen Kramer Glickman. Voices in My Head, which, as appropriate to the title, had only been available as an audio album, is now also a comedy special available on YouTube.

Before this special, Glickman took his breakout role as Gustavo Rocque in the Nickelodeon Hit series Big Time Rush. Glickman has also worked alongside Jennifer Aniston and Andy Samberg in Storks. While the audio album for Voices In My Head is popular in it’s own right, his music album The Moving Company received over 600 million plays on TikTok alone. This unprecedented success is just a glimpse into Glickman’s burgeoning talent.

While most of his work has been behind the protective shield of a recording studio, Glickman is no stranger to a live audience. Glickman has also had a career in performing and emceeing at universities across the country. He toured with Ceelo Green and Matt Bennet's Party10 to name a few. This had only primed him for facing the crowd in Voices In My Head. In congruence with his stand-up career, Glickman continues to build on his success as a voice actor. Glickman is currently recording for Dan Povenmire's Season two of Hamster and Gretel on Disney+.

In this special, Glickman weaves a tale of simpler times. An era where time seemed to slow and a hybrid work schedule was not an option. Glickman takes us back to our roots, to a time we lovingly call, “Pre-Covid.” While the global pandemic is to blame for an uptick in mental illness, Glickman seems to be doing fine as he lets loose his multiple personalities on the stage. Glickman adopts the voices and cadence from personalities ranging from Bernie Sanders to his girlfriend trying to convince him to eat healthy.

Where To Watch Stephen Kramer Glickman's “Voices In My Head.”

Voices In My Head is available on YouTube for free & also available for purchase on 800 Pound Gorilla! The album from the special is also available for purchase here!

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