Luke Kidgell Performing "Cheers To That"

Luke Kidgell’s Comedy Special “Cheers To That” Brings Us Something To Salute To

Courtesy of Luke Kidgell

Cheers To That meshes self-deprecating jokes with taking shots at a dictator and the touching relationship that can occur between complete strangers. The stand-up special showcases Luke Kidgell’s crowd work along with his humble humor on the stage of the Princess Theatre in Brisbane, Australia. The outrageous special is the result of the sold-out Cheers To That international tour.

Kidgell quickly rose to prominence on social media for his quick-witted crowd work but his real power comes from his ability to address touchy subjects with honesty and hilarity. This has ultimately led to the creation of his loving fanbase. Beyond stand-up, Kidgell is also exploring podcasting by teaming up with other comedians to make The Luke Kidgell Hour and L.A.M.P. (Luke and Meg Podcast).

The native Australian’s ability to cover difficult subjects is put in the spotlight when he calls Kim Jong-Un a “big beefy boy.” Kidgell shares that he is surprised to see that he has gotten backlash for the joke being fatphobic but Kidgell argues, “if we can't make fat jokes about blokes that kill their own people what are we all doing?”

The comedian also makes sure the audience gets what they came for, his viral crowd work. Kidgell first interacts with an audience member who cracks a joke about being a drug dealer but soon backtracks and admits he works in plumbing. Later on in the episode, Kidgell asks the crowd who has the most interesting job. One says she is a legal drug dealer, meaning pharmacist, so Kidgell asks her what her favorite drug is, cracking a joke about one drug that he calls “legal speed.” To this, an audience member asks, “How would you know?” With his trademark wit, Kidgell calls back to his first audience interaction saying, “If the cops are watching, I’m a plumber.”

While some may say “salud” to the clinking of glasses, Cheers To That is a salute to a Vietnam veteran who goes by the name of Jungle. Luke Kidgell shares Jungle’s story with the passion and wit deserving of the veteran. Kidgell’s fated night out in which he met Jungle serves as a touching latter half of his special, ending with a list of his drunken thoughts and the emotional yet hilarious goodbye Kidgell had when he had to depart from Jungle.

Where to watch Luke Kidgell’s “Cheers To That.”

Luke Kidgell's Cheers To That is available on YouTube for free as well as for purchase on 800 Pound Gorilla! The album from the special is also available for purchase here!

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