Colin Jost & Michael Che.

Colin Jost & Michael Che Are Hosting A St. Patrick’s Day Countdown

Colin Jost & Michael Che. Courtesy of Jameson Irish Whiskey.
Colin Jost & Michael Che. Courtesy of Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Jameson Whiskey has enlisted two Saturday Night Live cast members to help ring in St. Patrick’s Day this year. Colin Jost and Michael Che will be hosting a countdown on St. Patrick’s Eve in a special livestream with the historic whiskey brand.

The event will take place in New York City on March 16th in Times Square. That’s because St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, due to a leap year. This way, you can keep the party going all weekend long. And they’ve partnered with Jameson, because what else are you gonna drink that weekend??

Colin & Jost & Michael Che on partnering with Jameson for St. Patrick's Day.

“Obviously, St Patrick's Day is a big deal in New York,” Che told People. “I just always love that everybody's kind of in the same spirit together. It's very rare that a city this big finds something that we could all agree on and it's just kind of cool to see everybody on the same page and having a good time.”

“When Leap Year skipped over a Saturday St. Patrick’s Day, we did exactly what a Jameson would do: we created a completely new holiday so people can start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day a little early,” says the brand’s VP of Marketing Johan Radojewski in a statement. “We teamed up with Colin Jost and Michael Che to help us seize this moment and encourage everyone to embrace St. Patrick’s Eve, because they’re a duo who appreciates a smooth Irish Whiskey, good company, and a brand-new holiday – just like any Jameson would.”

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