Gary Vider with Michael Jordan.

Gary Vider To Launch Limited Podcast Tracking Down Con Man Father, "#1 Dad"

Gary Vider & Michael Jordan. Courtesy of iHeartMedia & Big Money Players Network.

Stand-up comedian Gary Vider had a childhood that differed drastically compared to his peers growing up. Instead of having a father acting as a positive role model who shows his kids the difference between right & wrong & the value of hard work, Gary's dad couldn't be farther from that description.

And now, the stand-up is ready to tell this story fully in a new limited series comedy podcast with the help of Will Ferrell's Big Money Players Network & iHeartMedia appropriately called #1 Dad, premiering on June 10th.

Everything to know about Gary Vider's "#1 Dad" podcast.

Gary's father, Manny Vider, was a con man, who’s schemes and lies span over 4 decades. Manny brought Gary into his most notable scheme growing up having him pose as a fake Sports Illustrated Kids Reporter while Manny posed as a photographer in the '90s. And it got him in the room with the biggest athletes & celebrities in the world including Michael Jordan & Shaq.

Per the official description of the show: "It’s been 24 years since Gary has seen his father and he doesn’t have a clue what he’s up to these days. But Gary is ready to open Pandora’s Box and take listeners on a deeply personal and comedic journey to uncover the outrageous truth about his Dad before he attempts to meet him face to face. Does Manny regret his con man life? Is he finally on the straight and narrow? Or is he still wearing a fake neck brace, forging documents, and creating sham businesses to scam anyone who will take the bait?"

The show's official audio trailer features past snippets of Gary discussing his father's other wild schemes, including one from Nate Bargatze from his visit on the Nateland Podcast. And now with Gary being a new father, he's ready to share more of his perspective from his insane childhood growing up.

The new show couldn't be timed more perfectly as it's premiering ahead of Father's Day on June 10th. #1 Dad will be available to stream & listen to wherever you get your podcasts. Check out the audio trailer below!

Gary Vider's #1 Dad joins a growing roster of all-star podcasts on Will Ferrell's Big Money Players Network including Las Culturistas with Bowen Yang & Matt Rogers, The Nikki Glaser Podcast, Bombing with Eric Andre, Pen Pals with Rory Scovel & Daniel Van Kirk, Chelsea Peretti's Call Chelsea Peretti & more!

The new podcast follows the release of Gary's new comedy special, It Could Be Worse, streaming now for free on YouTube.

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