Gabby Bryan & David Bryan.

Gabby Bryan Teams With Her Dad David Bryan (of Bon Jovi) For New Podcast, "Let Me Ask My Dad"

Comedian Gabby Bryan & her dad, David Bryan (founding member of Bon Jovi), are teaming up to launch their new podcast, Let Me Ask My Dad, premiering everywhere you get your podcasts on May 28th.

The show is coined as a self-help comedy podcast, where "each week, they'll be answering your questions on all of life’s trials and tribulations. Expect advice that will save lives, families and even a little bit of money for good measure. You know what they say: emotional abuse lasts longer. You’re welcome!"

David Bryan of the new show says, “When my daughter asked me to do an advice podcast with her I thought to myself… wow, what’s a podcast? We both have a wicked sense of humor and are full of advice, so I of course agreed. And who better to give fatherly advice than me? A perfect dad! It’s been so much fun recording this together and you all are going to love it! What’s better than a father and daughter duo?”

Gabby Bryan adds, “I’m so excited to do this podcast, mostly because I owe my dad a lot of money and I don’t want to pay him back so I’ve decided to distract him with this instead! He is the funniest person I know and I get my entire sense of humor from him, so it’s his turn to step up to the mic. And even though he has no idea what a podcast is and asked me if he could “text it to his friends”, he adds another notch to his belt as a great host. Let Me Ask My Dad is going to be a blast. You’re welcome in advance!”

Fans can submit their questions to to be featured on the show.

Let Me Ask My Dad marks the latest podcast for Gabby since she began hosting L’Podcast . She's set to perform at Edinburgh Fringe later this year with comedian Stef Dag for a unique stand-up & crowd work show August 19-25th.

How to listen to "Let Me Ask My Dad" with Gabby Bryan & David Bryan.

The new podcast will be available everywhere you get your podcasts & on YouTube beginning May 28th. Check out a preview for the new show at the top of this page!

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