Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Stars Melissa Fumero & Stephanie Beatriz To Launch “More Better” Podcast

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Since 2020, buddy podcasts have become all too common but some of the most successful have been from co stars of hit sitcoms like The Office Ladies–Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey from The Office–and Fake Doctors, Real Friends–Zach Braff and Donald Faison from Scrubs. The success of these sitcoms must not be solely attributed to their creators but the humor and chemistry of the cast is simply essential to bringing the script off the page. The castmates turned friends relationships have historically brought comfort to many and have revealed many behind the scenes details. Newest to the scene comes the castmates and friends of a younger yet much beloved sitcom by the name of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

More Better is hosted by Melissa Fumero, known for her roles in Blockbuster and Velma, and Stephanie Beatriz, who stars in Encanto and In the Heights. The podcast will be released on iHeartMedia’s My Cultura Network launching on May 30th. The castmate relationships don’t just stop at the hosts. In fact, the podcast is produced by Beatriz’s Encanto co-star Wilmer Valderrama.

More Better brings Fumero and Beatriz’s friendship to your own home. The co-stars will share anecdotes and even a few embarrassing stories, inevitably there will be overlap with the set of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Fumero and Beatriz have been friends for over a decade and have had, as Breatriz described speaking to Deadline, “consistent and hilarious ongoing discussion” complete with bad grammar, as indicated by the title. Fumero hopes the podcast will make you “smile, laugh, feel seen, and maybe add a little joy to your day.” Beyond this, Valderrama’s vision for the podcast is that it will be “the next chapter in elevating and expanding the Latino reach in mainstream media."

By raising the voices of the Latina costars, More Better aims to expand the validation and appreciation of Latinx voices to a wider audience.

Listen to the trailer for “More Better” below!

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