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Interview: Juhahn Jones Chats About The Making Of "Burb Patrol" Season 1

This weekend marks the beginning of a new & another hysterical chapter for 800 Pound Gorilla Media - that beginning is expanding beyond stand-up comedy & into releasing new scripted comedy series. And we could not be more pumped to begin this chapter with the laugh out loud comedy series, Burb Patrol, starring stand-up comedians Matt Rife & Juhahn Jones. The show follows Randall (Jones), a strict security guard, and his lackadaisical partner Alex (Rife), who are both tasked together with ensuring order in a gated suburban community plagued by peculiar first-world predicaments. If you love The Office, Parks & Recreation, or RENO 911!, this is a show you need to watch.

Ahead of the series debut on 800 Pound Gorilla's YouTube channel tonight at 7 PM CT, Juhahn chatted with 800 Pound Gorilla News about shooting season 1, reminiscing the show's funniest moments, working with Matt & settling the Batman debate once & for all.

Congrats on Burb Patrol and getting to be a part of this funny workplace comedy. What was it like getting the call to play suburban officer Randall Harrison and how did you prepare for this character?

It’s always dope getting a call for an offer for a good project. I had already known Matt for some years so I knew it would be fun.

What drew you the most to be a part of this show?

The script was hella funny and something a little different from what I’ve done before.

Something I love about your performance on this show is how you truly act as the balancing act for Alex, your character knows how to make each situation calmer as Alex overreacts (thinking specifically as Alex is in flames against Hans and Randall intercedes to make the situation relaxed in episode 3). Is that a quality that stemmed naturally from you or did you have to develop that for this role?

Oh that’s definitely apart of me naturally. I always like to find a way to think level headed first.

One of my favorite episodes from this first season is definitely the “Squatty'' episode. One of the moments I loved about this was getting to see you work out some of the best visual comedy we see from you on the show. How did you create those visual expressions you made in that episode? Were those improvised?

There were definitely a lot of improved moments in this episode. I’m actually known a lot for my facial expressions as well.

We couldn't be more excited for Burb Patrol to be re-released on 800 Pound Gorilla’s YouTube channel. Given your background building your following on YouTube, how did your experience there play a role in this project given that it would end up funneling through the YouTube algorithm before this re-release?

My experience came from creating great independent content.

In the show, your character goes back and forth with Alex (Matt Rife) about who the better Batman is. Who does Juhahn Jones think is the best Batman? Has your opinion since making the show changed with Robert Pattinson’s Batman now in the mix?

It will always be Michael Keaton!

Aside from acting, you’re also an actively working stand-up comic & touring at the moment. How have your shows been recently? Where are you hoping to go with this new material you’re working on?

It’s been going great! I’ve been growing a following online for years, now my team and I are about to test out some new markets and test how far my reach can go.

Anything else in store as far as scripted projects go you’re excited about & looking forward to? What should we keep an eye out for?

Mannn a gentlemen never tells!

Watch Burb Patrol Season 1 on YouTube!

Tune in tonight for the premiere of season 1 of Burb Patrol on YouTube!

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