Monty Franklin.

Monty Franklin's Home & "Live From Sydney" In An Epic Hour Of Comedy

Australian stand-up comedian Monty Franklin has been putting in the work as comic & actor for nearly the last decade since relocating to Los Angeles in 2017. From playing roles on New Girl & Becoming Bond, to touring with comedy greats Joe Rogan & Jim Breuer, Franklin continues his streak of impressive feats as the reigning Australian American comedian (to which comedy fans know him for in the States).

Today, the comic is back with his latest stand-up comedy special, Live From Sydney, & partnering with 800 Pound Gorilla the ultimate homecoming show for Franklin as part of Worldwide Comedy Month. Taped this past summer as part of his live Australian American stand-up show, Franklin is here & armed with his Australian charm and razor-sharp wit. Monty takes this hour to tackle a wide range of topics, from cultural clashes to the absurdities of new technology.

This new hour follows his most recent special that was taped in North America aptly titled, Live From Denver, available to watch for free on YouTube.

The now LA-based comic performs as a regular at the The Improv Comedy Clubs,The Laugh Factory and holds the title as the first Australian to have their name added to the wall of the The Comedy Store  in Hollywood.

Later this year, Monty will pick back up in Australia on his latest Yeah Nah Tour & will soon star in his first feature film that he co-wrote with Rob Schneider and John Cleese, The Great Emu War. The new movie also stars Schneider, Cleese, Rhys Darby and Jim Jefferies.

How to watch "Monty Franklin: Live From Sydney."

Monty Franklin's latest comedy special, Live From Sydney, is available now to watch for free on YouTube!

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