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Nick Callas Cracks Us Up In His New Sketch Series And Special “Wolf Pup”

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Nick Callas is a multi-hyphenate comedian based in the Big Apple, whose expertise ranges from stand-up, sketch comedy, writing, filmmaking, rap, and even comic book art. Callas’ defiance of the expectations of stand-up bleeds into his sets as he will often be found kicking the air, banging his head against the wall, and hopping up onto the stool whose only purpose typically is to hold a capless water bottle. The comedian’s distinctive style is reminiscent of his idols Jim Carrey and Eddie Murphy.

Callas’ Saturday Night Live heroes have not only influenced his stand-up, but they’ve also greatly influenced his career. So much so that Callas earned the opportunity to tour with many storied SNL cast members including Colin Jost, Dana Carvey, and Tracy Morgan. Inspired to do sketches, Callas has made and starred in multiple shorts featured in San Francisco’s International Film Festival, Comedy Central, and Cracked.

Apart from traditional comedy successes, Callas’ shorts, characters, stand-up, and even rap songs have gone viral on TikTok and Instagram. In addition to his individual success, Callas is a cast member and co-founder of the highly successful TikTok comedy group American High Shorts, whose hilarious videos have garnered them over one million followers.

Nick Callas’ Viral Sketches Get A New Home On 800 Pound Gorilla’s YouTube channel!

Callas is no one trick pony. In addition to releasing his debut stand up special this month, the viral sketch comedian is releasing a compilation of some of his favorite sketches on 800 Pound Gorilla’s YouTube Channel. Check it out below!

Where to watch Nick Callas’ debut special “Wolf Pup.”

Callas’ debut special Wolf Pup was filmed at the end of his 2023 tour at The Creek And The Cave in Austin, Texas. All while drop kicking the air, Callas covers everything from identity politics to the state of technology and even God. Get ready to drop all expectations and enjoy an hour of uninterrupted cackles and an electric performance.

Wolf Pup is now available on YouTube and for purchase on 800 Pound Gorilla. The digital audio album is also available for purchase on 800 Pound Gorilla. Join Nick Callas on June 27th for the live premiere of Wolf Pup at the Alamo Drafthouse in Manhattan, NY. Tickets are limited!

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