Joe Flaherty.

Second City Family Is Organizing A Fundraiser For “SCTV” Star Joe Flaherty’s Illness

When you think about Second City, Joe Flaherty comes to mind. The beloved comedian was a staple of the show, thanks to his characters such as Count Floyd and Guy Caballero. Younger generations may recognize him from his work on Freaks and Geeks and Happy Gilmore.

Sadly, this week we learned that Flaherty’s health has taken an unfortunate turn. A message from Martin Short started circulating on social media this week. Check out Short’s message and how to donate below.

Martin Short on raising money for Joe Flaherty's illness.

“Our beloved SCTV cast member, Joe Flaherty, is very ill. Joe is aware of the gravity of his failing health and would like to spend whatever time he has left at home rather than in a facility.

Joe's daughter, Gudrun, is currently Joe's sole caregiver.

Unfortunately, neither Gudrun nor Joe has the financial means to hire the 24-hour care he will require at home. We understand the cost of such care will be about 20k a month.

Our hope is to raise the funds needed to honor Joe's wishes.

We are writing to our friends because we believe SCTV meant something to you, and that would not be the case if it were not for Joe Flaherty. He was a mentor, a director, and an inspiring improviser who gave us many of the tools we are still using in the careers he helped kickstart. And he made us all laugh! We believe that you would want to know about Joe's condition and, perhaps, even want to contribute towards his home care.

If you'd like to offer any amount, please see BELOW for information. If not, please send Joe your well wishes, your prayers, or a note of encouragement. Either way, we are sure Joe would be beyond grateful to know his "fans" are still rooting for him.

DONATIONS can be sent to the "Comedic Artists Alliance" a 501c* with a PayPal account. (It is not-for-profit, so you will receive a charitable tax receipt if desired). The Pay Pal Account is”

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Sending you healing vibes Joe. I can’t thank you enough for all the joy and laughter that SCTV has given thru my life since I stumbled upon it on CITY TV in the mid 80’s. I sat next to you on the TTC once and was so star struck I couldn’t say anything! You were such an integral part of the greatest TV show ever. Thank you Joe!

Juan Alemparte

I’m so sad to read this. Growing up my friends and I would watch old late night reruns of SCTV during summer holidays in the mid-90’s. Joe was one of the best on the show.


Is there a way to donate money besides PayPal?


Best wishes, Joe from all of us at The SCTV Podcast. We were so thrilled an honored to have you as a guest, and it will always mean a lot. Your influence and inspiration has been immeasurable. Lots of love and healing wishes, Michael Delaney


Joe was the heart, glue and soul of SCTV. A few others may have gotten a little more fame and breaks but he worked as much as he wanted and needed to. More than a journeyman and a utility player his overall number and quality of characters and impressions on the show was incomparable. Who else ever did a Jack Klugman, Gavin McLeod, Bing Crosby, Charlton Heston, but did them SPOT ON! His weekly and recurring characters created by him were more numerous to mention all the characters on game shows and talk shows and of course ROCCO from days of the WEEK! Joe was always my favorite as he was kind, soulful and a seeker! I’ve watched him on every interview I could ever catch and all the festivals and Second City conferences. I’ll do whatever I can to help Joe in his time of need.

Rich Stein 💜❤️

Rich Stein

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