Hannah Einbinder in "Everything Must Go"

Hacks’ Hannah Einbinder Hones Her Craft In Her Hilarious Debut Comedy Special “Everything Must Go”

Hannah Einbinder has set a date for her debut comedy special Everything Must Go on Max. The June 13th release, which was filmed at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, follows Hacks Season 3’s premiere and its quickly nabbed Season 4 renewal with the streamer. Einbinder’s breakout role in the sitcom has brought her to the forefront of comedy. In the show, Einbinder plays Ava Daniels, a struggling comedic writer who is hired to write and assist stand up legend Deborah Vance, played by Jean smart, who’s quickly fading from relevance. Einbinder’s character helps the older comedian breakout of her self-deprecating humor and into a new era of vulnerability.

Ava Daniels might just be another version of Einbinder. They certainly share similar career goals. Einbinder’s twice Emmy and Golden Globe nominated performance on Hacks gives us reason to believe Everything Must Go must be just as clever. In the teaser trailer for her debut special, Einbinder shares a joke about how her early consumption of marijuana has led to the deterioration of her brain. Einbinder jokes, “So, I am what scientists and doctors have referred to in several articles and medical journals as... ruined.”

Following the crowd’s uproar is a montage of Einbinder’s physical comedy throughout the special which involves everything from hair flips to falling down on the floor. The commitment is evident. Einbinder expands on her upbringing throughout the special explaining how badly her parents wanted a son only to be met with her instead. Einbinder covers her queerness, inability to meditate and faith, providing a hilarious anecdote about the divine intervention that took place at her grandmother’s funeral.

While this is her debut special, she is not new to the comedy world, in fact she grew up in it. Einbinder is the daughter of Laraine Newman, one of the original cast members of Saturday Night Live. However, Einbinder has made a name for herself in comedy. In college she opened for Nicole Byer for an on-campus show. Einbinder has been named by NPR as one of the 10 standout comedians to watch based on her 2019 performance in “New Faces of Comedy” in Just For Laughs. Vulture also hoped on board, naming her one of the best new up and coming comedians that same year because of her, "her refreshingly absurdist charm." Right before the COVID-19 pandemic, Einbinder made her national television debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and was, at the time, the youngest person to do stand-up on the show. In 2021, Variety joined Vulture and NPR in the Einbinder excitement, listing her in their list of “10 Comics to Watch 2021.” So let's follow their instructions. 

Watch "Hannah Einbinder: Everything Must Go" on Max on June 13th.

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