Ivan Decker.

Ivan Decker Has A Hilarious New Special For You, Grab Your "Popcorn"

Ivan Decker.
Ivan Decker.

Get ready to laugh (and grab your Popcorn), because another hilarious new comedy special has arrived at 800 Pound Gorilla!

Comedian Ivan Decker presents his new hour long special, Popcorn, available now to watch exclusively on 800 Pound Gorilla before it begins streaming for free on YouTube later this Spring.

Get to know Ivan Decker.

Those that has seen Decker's stand-up know how witty & charming he is from his viral bits on microwaves, gendered shower soap, & boomers vs. millennials just to name a few. And now, we get to see more of this & his other brilliant styles of comedy in this new comedy special.

In Popcorn, which was taped last summer at Heckler's in Victoria, BC, Canada, Ivan Decker dives headfirst into relatable topics like the quirks of modern technology and the peculiarities of relationships. His keen observations and clever wordplay breathe new life into these vintage subjects, offering fresh perspectives that have the audience in stitches from beginning to end. Decker’s genuine authenticity shines through, making him a comedian audiences can’t help but root for.

Before delivering this new hour, the former Vancouver now Los Angeles based comic made his rounds performing stand-up on the world's biggest stages. His half hour special was featured as part of Netflix's Comedians of the World (2019) where he brought his perspective on the funny things about Canada. He has also performed some tight five sets on Conan & Just for Laughs.

How to watch "Ivan Decker: Popcorn."

Ivan Decker's new special, Popcorn, is available to watch now on 800 Pound Gorilla. Watch here!

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